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Vladrumetz started out in the year 2014 as an experimental solo artist, singer/songwriter and passionate keyboard player. He comes from the Southern part of Germany where he's got a tiny home recording studio. On his latest album "Know Me Well" he has further elaborated his own musical character, applying dreamy melodies combined with pleasing rhythms and beats. For those of you, who've never had the chance to hear anything from this artist, his music can best be described as a chilled out approach of dealing with alternative electronic music mixing it up with some exciting minimal house beats and progressive vibes.

Being mostly influenced by electronically produced tunes from the 80s, Vladrumetz transfers the mood of those times into nowadays world. In the meantime he also makes use of a whole bunch of different analog and digital gear. According to independent music reviewing experts his album "Dead End Street" marks the musical highlight of his whole work.

In May 2018 Vladrumetz released his third album KNOW ME WELL. The only single COMPLETELY DERANGED has already been played on several FM radio stations in Canada and in the USA.


Know Me Well (2018)

KNOW ME WELL is the third Vladrumetz album and it comes with eleven songs.

Know Me Well
Watch some exclusive rehearsal footage recorded in June 2018

It`s VLADRUMETZ rehearsing his new 2018 live setlist. Featuring six brand-new songs from KNOW ME WELL, you can also expect such great surprises like GOING INSANE, LONG TIME WAITING and GOTTA GO.

Watch the official EPK for the album KNOW ME WELL...

01. You Know Me Well (6:57)
02. Where Do You Go (6:35)
03. The Way I Love You (4:58)
04. Completely Deranged (4:00)
05. Strange Thoughts Walking (3:31)
06. Win This Race (5:05)
07. My Angel (5:16)
08. Where I Wanna Be (4:39)
09. Another Side (4:03)
10. Hold Me Now (5:11)
11. So Well (10:42)

Completely Deranged (2018)

COMPLETELY DERANGED is the preview single of the album KNOW ME WELL.

Completely Deranged
01. Completely Deranged (Radio Edit) (3:11)
02. Wild River (1:57)

I`m with you (2017)

I`M WITH YOU is the second EP and it comes with four brand-new songs.

Cover With YOU EP

01. I`m with you (3:14)
02. My only star (5:14)
03. Calling (5:07)
04. Ich kenne nichts (4:39)
05. I`m with you (original edit) (5:10)

With you... Live 2017

WITH YOU... Live 2017 is a live recording of a VLADRUMETZ performance in August 2017 presenting his latest EP.

Cover With YOU LIVE

01. I`m with you
02. My only star
03. Take me home
04. Feel the night
05. La vida
06. Dead end street
07. The struggle
08. Stay the night, part I
09. You are so kind
10. In a different light
11. Shining star
12. Was es braucht
13. Eine Idee
14. You and me

La Vida (2017)

LA VIDA has been selected to be the second single from the album DEAD END STREET.
Here`s the radio airplay premiere of LA VIDA at Radio Cardiff 98.7FM...

Feel The Night (2017)

Cover FTN
The first Single taken from the album DEAD END STREET
01. Feel The Night (3:36)

Genre: Dance

Dead End Street (2017)

Cover DES
01. Going Insane (5:29)
02. Stay The Night - Part 1 (5:34)
03. La Vida (3:42)
04. This Side (3:51)
05. Feel The Night (3:47)
06. Dead End Street (4:20)
07. Long Time Waiting (5:47)
08. Stay The Night - Part 2 (11:25)
09. Tight (3:45)
10. Gotta Go (4:04)
11. Follow Me - STN Remix (3:45)

Genre: Electronica
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, iTunes, Google Play Store and many more
Streams: Spotify, Soundcloud and many more

The Deceased EP (2016)

Cover Deceased EP
01. A Feast For Decease (4:31)
02. The Struggle (4:04)
03. All I Want (3:36)
04. Circumnavigation Of The World (3:13)
05. Take Me Home (3:26)
06. Shining Star (5:27)

Genre: Electronic Crossover
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

Take Me Home (2016)

Cover Take Me Home

Genre: Electro-Pop
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

Slow Awakening (2015)

Cover Slow Awakening
01. The Entrance Of Vlad (3:55)
02. Leave Your Past (5:27)
03. My Guardian Angel (5:43)
04. Soul In Prison (5:13)
05. Follow The Hiking Path (3:30)
06. In A Different Light (5:10)
07. Only You (4:58)
08. You Are So Kind (5:09)
09. Via Plata (4:13)
10. The Sky Is The Limit (4:40)
11. You And Me (5:36)
12. Lost On My Favourite Way (4:59)
13. Lonely Pilgrim (4:58)
14. Yet Another New Journey (4:14)

Genre: Electronic Crossover
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

You Are So Kind (2015)

Cover You Are So Kind

Genre: Synthie Pop
MP3 Stores: Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes
Streams: Spotify

Auf Draht (2014)

Cover Auf Draht

Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock
MP3 Stores: not available
Streams: Youtube


Special SA-Session November 2015

Vladrumetz appeared in an exclusive live session for Youtube, therein mainly playing songs from his new album SLOW AWAKENING. Moreover you can also expect to hear four additional tracks from his debut work AUF DRAHT. Watch here the full video shot on the 14th of November 2015.

01. The entrance of Vlad (0:00)
02. Am Fluss (4:14)
03. My guardian angel (9:06)
04. Only you (15:11)
05. In a different light (20:14)
06. You and me (25:38)
07. You are so kind (31:37)
08. Wir haben doch uns (37:02)
09. Was es braucht (41:14)
10. Fernbeziehung (46:53)
11. Lost on my favourite way (51:41)
12. Leave your past (57:16)

Feel The Night (2017)

and more...

Easter Monday Broadcast on KISS 104.7 FM (2017)

FM Broadcast on Radio Cardiff (2017)

FM Broadcast on Radio Cardiff (2016)

FM Broadcast on KISS Radio 104.9 (2015)

Review on the single "Feel The Night" (03/04/2017)

Short interview on DEAD END STREET

WM: What can you tell us about your latest album "Dead End Street"?

VD: Well, I would say that it is quite a typical Vladrumetz longplayer. This time I`ve put in some stylistic elements taken from the genre of "house" music. You know, I always keep looking for some interesting new sounds and I like it a lot playing around with digital synthesizers.

WM: But you started off with a heavier alternative pop, almost rock album and now you drifted away into the genre of house music?

VD: I wouldn`t agree when you say that I`ve made a classical house record. It`s still very pop music-like and it bears my own handwriting. At the moment I'm pretty interested in deep and minimal house and in all kinds of so called "Electronica" [electronic crossover] music, maybe a bit more than in pop or rock music. You know, I`ve just got the feeling that there's not that much progress going on in rock music these days, at least I can't see any bigger innovations there. However, in the electronic music it's really phenomenal, how many brilliant artists have evolved and bloomed in the corresponding subgenres during the past five years. In many cases their music is really amazing, although they do not get that famous as the rock stars of the old days, who've been selling concert tickets sufficient for filling whole stadiums.

WM: But how do those kind of artists get your attention then?

VD: Good question. The thing is that I love browsing through various music channels on Youtube. And Spotify, by the way, is a huge treasure for detecting tons of interesting new material.

WM: What would you say, is the most special thing on the new Vladrumetz album?

VD: Okay, first of all, I've slightly changed my way of writing songs, because at least for my ears it's much more important holding up a certain mood or atmosphere than sticking to the golden rules of structuring a pop song. You know, in pop music you mostly have your two verses at the beginning, followed by an interlude and then usually comes the chorus and afterwards you've got a repetition somehow and that`s it. This time, I often have neglected those golden rules in favour of preserving an atmosphere. This is also typical for modern electronic music genres like deep house, by the way.
And secondly, what's special, is my new approach of mixing and mastering new material. I have learned a lot of additional techniques for enhancing the overall quality of a record. You know, I'm not working in a professional sound studio. But I hope that you will hear those little enhancements on the album as well.

WM: I have to finally ask you this question: What's your most favourite track on the new album?

VD: I'm really proud of having made the two STAY THE NIGHT parts and of LA VIDA. The best mixed track on the album is FOLLOW ME, I guess. I did this remix of STAY THE NIGHT on my own after having watched a certain sound mixing tutorial on Youtube. Hey, I wanna say a huge THANK YOU to Dave Pensado! He provides useful insights to hobby musicians like me in his weekly vlog posts called "Pensado's Place".




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